The Alpujarra is located between the Sierra Nevada, the Sierra de Lújar, and the Sierra de Gádor.

This region extends to parts of the Almería province.

It keeps its original Berber design intact, which offers a window into to the history of Granada and the city's Moorish past. The white villages have stepped architecture, whitewashed houses, and cobbled streets nestled in valleys and surrounded by ravines and gorges. A place where nature has remained almost untouched, honoring its name of Arabic origin which means "the land of grass" or "the land of pastures".

The Alpujarra gives its visitors an otherworldly sense of tranquility, like you are frozen in time and magical things could happen.

It is home to towns that amaze everyone with their charm, tourists and locals alike.

Lanjarón is a town famous the healing power of its natural springs, which may be the secret of its inhabitants' longevity and good health.

Trevélez, the highest municipality in Europe, is well-known for producing delicious ham.

Órgiva is a true representation of authentic Moorish customs.

Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira are home to the most beautiful views of the valley, rich folklore, and ancestral tradition. One of the most authentic cultural expressions of the region are the “Trovos” of the Alpujaras: a performance where two troubadours who take turns singing, improvising, and responding to what the other has sung.

How to get there:

By car: The trip by car takes two hours and gives you the opportunity to stop at several towns.

Guided tour: The most convenient way to get to the Alpujarra of Granada is to book an excursion with an official tour guide.

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