To tapear, or “go out for tapas,” means to share with friends and family, savor distinctive local fare, and to enjoy picturesque places. 

Tapas are a deliciously wide-variety of dishes that come complimentary with the purchase of a drink. The tapas are usually chosen by the restaurant, although in some places there is a list of tapas for the patrons to choose from. While enjoying local delicacies such as cured meats, traditional stews, or ‘Poor Man’s Potatoes’, the taste experience is complete when accompanied by the local beer ‘Alhambra Especial’ or a certified wine from the Granada region.

Tapas are a shared tradition throughout the province of Andalusia, where each locale adds its own specialties and unique variations.


  • Campo del Príncipe, Plaza del Realejo, and the surrounding area; historically, this area was the Jewish quarter of the Muslim city.
  • Plaza Nueva and adjacent streets such as Elvira, Colcha and the beginning of Reyes Católicos; this area is the heart of the city.
  • Near the Cathedral, the Plaza de la Romanilla and the Plaza de la Pescadería; a well-known area to get great tapas in the city.
  • Next to the Town Hall is Calle Navas; a walkable area with plenty of restaurants and typical Spanish bars.
  • In the four major plazas along the route through the Albaicín neighborhood: Plaza Larga, San Miguel Bajo, Aliatar, and behind the church in San Nicholas.
  • Near the Genil river, Alhamar street, and its adjacent streets near San Antón.
  • Plaza de Toros